Unweave lets you choose where your code runs when you create a new SSH session. This means you can pick a VM across cloud providers using a unified interface. Currently, in addition to the Unweave Hosted Platform, we support Lambda Labs, and Google Cloud (in private beta). We're working on adding a number of additional providers in the near future. See here for the Roadmap.

Unweave Provider

Every Unweave account comes with the Unweave provider enabled by default. Any resources you create are charged by the minute.

Configure the Lambda Labs Provider

To configure Lambda Labs, you'll need to create a Lambda Labs account and generate an API key. Once you have the key, head over to your Unweave account settings and click on connect next to the Lambda Labs provider.

To test that your provider is configured correctly, you can try listing the available VMs on Lambda Labs from the CLI:

unweave ls-node-types --provider lambdalabs

Configure the Google Cloud Provider

This feature is currently is private beta. If you'd like early access, reach out to us on Discord, Twitter, or via email

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