Resources in Unweave are scoped to a Project. You can think of a Project at the same level as a GitHub repository. You can create a new project from the Dashboard.

Linking a Project

To avoid having to pass the --project flag to every command from the CLI, you can link a project to a local directory. This will create a unweave subdirectory with a config.toml and .env file.

unweave link <username>/<project-name> [path]

Any command you run from the linked directory or any subdirectory will automatically use the project ID from the config file.

SSH Keys

SSH keys are used to setup access to the VMs created with Unweave. These keys are shared across projects. You can add an SSH key from your local machine either through the CLI or the Dashboard.

To add it from the CLI, you need to provide the path to the public key. You can also optionally provide a name for the key.

unweave ssh-keys add <public-key-path> [name]

Next Steps