Q. How do I upload data to Unweave?

A. You can can either drag-and-drop data on the Data tab on the dashboard, or use the unweave store upload command from the CLI. You can get more info on the unweave store command by running unweave store --help.

Q. Why do I have to link my local folder

A. When you run the unweave command from your local terminal, Unweave needs to know which project to run your code against. This is important because your uwstore is specific to a project.

The unweave link command associates the path to the code on your local computer to a project in Unweave. Every Unweave command you run from this directory will be run in the context of the project you linked it to.

Q. Where do I save the output of my training run?

A. Any output that you want to save from your training code, needs to be written to the uwstore/output path relative to the project root. For example, if you're running unweave from the /home/unweave/ml-project folder on your local machine, your code should write output to ./uwstore/output/output.csv. You should not use an absolute path.

Q. How do I download the output of my training run?

You can download zepl output using the unweave store download command from your CLI. To see a list of all the files available to download, run the command unweave store list command.