If you need addition support, feel free to reach out to us on Discord, Twitter, or via email

Q. What cloud providers do you support?

A. Currently, we support Lambda Labs, GCP - private beta, and the Unweave hosted platform.

Q. How much do you mark up the cost of the cloud provider? How do you make money?

A. Zero! We don't mark up the cost of the cloud provider. The margins are too thin anyway. We make money through our hosted SaaS service that will eventually include a team/pro pricing tier.

Q. What is the average start-up time for a new Session?

A. The start-up time depends on the provider. For the hosted version, it is currently ~20s.

Q. How can I configure the RAM and CPUs for a Session on the Unweave Provider?

A. Currently, each node comes with 4vCPUs and 64GB of RAM. We are working on making this configurable in the near future.

Q. How can I configure the Python version, dependencies, etc. ?

A. Currently, the Lambda Labs provider runs the Lambda stack. The Unweave provider runs on Ubuntu 20.04 with Python 3.10 inside a Conda environment. You can install any dependencies you need using conda. Custom Dockerfiles are in private beta. Get in touch if you'd like early access.

Q. Is my Session data persisted?

A. No. Not yet. We're working on adding persistence but for the moment, if you terminate a Session, all data will be erased. Make sure to persist any files you care about to S3 or other storage backends.

Dockerfile (beta)